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Public Works

Public Works Superintendent:
Robert Hartman [ ]

Public Works Foreman:
James Christy [ ]


Road Scholars Recognized by Board of Supervisors


The maintenance of the streets, sanitary sewer lines, storm sewers and public facilities is the responsibility of the public works department. This department currently consists of a public works superintendent, one(1) foreman, two (2) crew leaders, and seven (7) full time crew members, as well as a full-time mechanic/equipment operator.

Manchester Township is responsible for 91.09 miles of streets and roads which have been adopted by the township (that includes 1.29 miles of adopted alleys).

Manchester Township cannot maintain private roads, including snow plowing, except in making access for emergency vehicles in an emergency situation.

The public works department is also responsible for the maintenance of 110.6 miles of public (adopted) sanitary sewer lines, 9 sanitary sewer pumping stations, one(1) 5.843 acre storm water detention facility, one (1) municipal building/garage, over 100 acres of recreation area and the structures located on them, and 23 signalized intersections.

The public works department also conducts leaf collection during a seven (7) week period each fall.

Call Before You Dig: PA One Call 811

Pennsylvania has set up a system whereby anyone including homeowners must have the underground utilities marked prior to any digging, excavating or building occurs on any property. This includes the digging on a property to plant trees or shrubs or to install a mailbox. This system is set up to protect you from cutting into electric, gas, water, communications or sanitary sewer lines which would cause either a disruption of service or injury to the digger. Additionally, should anyone disrupt a utility service without having had the utility marked that person could be liable for the costs of the repair to the service.

PLEASE use the PA One Call number 811 to have the underground utility services marked at least 3 days prior but no more than 10 days prior to any digging or excavation including:

Any structure, including fences, sheds, swimming pools, and driveways, for which building permits are required. Off street rights of ways- Please be sure you are not planting trees or shrubs, or placing structures in any sanitary sewer, storm water, or utility rights of way or easements.

Sewer & Water

Sanitary Sewer Disposal

Although approximately seventy five percent (75%) of the geographical area of Manchester Township is served by a public sewer system , Manchester Township does not own nor operates a sewage treatment facility. Manchester Township conveys its sewage, via 99.75 miles of public sewer lines and ten (10) sewerage pumping stations to one of three treatment facilities. These facilities are operated by either Dover Township, Springettsbury Township or the City of York (this facility is physically located in Manchester Township along the Codorus Creek at Toronita Street).

Inter governmental agreements with these three municipalities allow Manchester Township to discharge its sewage into these facilities by paying for the cost of treating the sewage and for paying a proportionate share of the debt for building and maintaining the treatment facilities.

The properties that are not connected to the sanitary sewer system must maintain an on lot sewer system. This type of sewage disposal is regulated by the PA Sewage Facilities Act(Act 537). Permits, which are issued by a state certified sewage enforcement officer, contracted by the township, are required for repairs to existing systems or the installation of new on site systems. Please contact the sewage enforcement officer through the township office for details.

Public Water

The York Water Company is a privately-owned public utility which has franchise rights, granted by the PA Public Utility Commission, to provide water and fire hydrant service in Manchester Township. For information about public water service, please contact the York Water Company – 845-3601.


Leaf Collection

Manchester Township provides curbside leaf collection for its residents. The collection service begins in late October and is scheduled to end in mid December. During the scheduled leaf collection, place only leaves for pick up at the curb, loose, not in bags. Please watch the newspaper or the township newsletter or call the township office for details.

Because of factors which the township cannot control(volume of leaves, mechanical breakdowns or adverse weather conditions) the Manchester Township Public Works Department does not provide a schedule for leaf collection in Manchester Township.

Streets & Roads

Snow Removal

Snow removal presents a challenge to Manchester Township. During the active snowstorm the public works department will attempt to keep open the major routes (arterial and collector) streets of Manchester Township to facilitate the movement of emergency vehicles. As a storm subsides the snowplows will methodically plow each and every public street in Manchester Township. Residents can assist the public works department by moving, where possible, vehicles off of the streets during and after the storm event. The public works department and the fire department also seek the residents assistance in clearing snow away from fire hydrants and storm sewer basins. Developments are normally plowed after the snow has stopped.

Street Sweeping

The public works department also performs street sweeping on an as needed basis. The public works department attempts to post the streets to be swept the day before the actual sweeping so that residents can move their vehicles to allow curb to curb sweeping.

State Roads

The following roads which are located in Manchester Township are maintained by PA DOT. Manchester Township does not fix, patch, pave or paint lines on the following streets and roads. Permits are required from PA DOT (848-6230) to repair or install driveways onto these streets and roads.

I-83 U.S. Route 30
North George Street Susquehanna Trail (south of Church Road)
Emig Road Lightner Road
Starview Road Board Road
Church Road Lewisberry Road
Greenbriar Road Roosevelt Avenue Extd. (Bull Road)