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Codes & Ordinances

We continue to try to provide you with the most current information.
Manchester Township Code of Ordinances
(as of November, 2010)

View Complete Ordinance (External Link: ECode 360)

Storm Water Management
Ordinance #2012-05. [ View Complete Ordinance - PDF ] (Get Adobe Reader to view this file)

Animal Enforcement Ordinance
Ordinance #2009-05, adopted November 10, 2009, regulates the keeping of certain animals and prescribes the penalty for violation thereof. [ View Complete Ordinance - PDF ] (Get Adobe Reader to view this file)

Tree Trimming Ordinance: Ordinance #2014-01
[ View Complete Ordinance - PDF ] (Get Adobe Reader to view this file)

Fire Prevention Code
In 1994 Manchester Township adopted a Fire Prevention Code Ordinance. Please contact the Zoning Officer or Fire Chief for information how this ordinance affects your property. SPARKLERS, when directly supervised by an adult, are the ONLY type of fireworks permitted. Firework Displays require a special permit.

Automatic Alarm Registration
In accordance with Ordinance #88-06, all automatic alarms (police/fire) must be registered, by the user, with Manchester Township within 5 days of installation. Existing alarms should have been registered by November 15, 1988. There is a one time $25.00 registration fee.

Street Numbers Required
Ordinance #95-01 was adopted on January 10, 1995. This ordinance requires posting of street address numbers of all properties located in Manchester Township. Numbers must be NO LESS THAN 2" w x 3" h in a color which contrasts with their background. The numbers must be attached so as to be visible from the street. Buildings not visible from the street must have street numbers placed on a post or mailbox at the street with the numbers being not less than 24" off of ground. For additional information or questions contact the Dept. of Fire Services at 767-1954.

Ordinance #92-08 , 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. for persons under 18 years of age.

Leaf Collection
As required by Pennsylvania Act 101 Manchester Township provides curbside leaf collection from mid October through the first week of December. Watch newspapers for details. Rake your leaves to curb; DO NOT put leaves in bags, DO NOT put leaves with regular garbage.

ARE REQUIRED for various activities. Manchester Township issues BUILDING PERMITS, PLUMBING PERMITS. If you have questions concerning any of these areas please contact the township office.

Property owners should not permit grass, weeds, or other vegetation other than plants for edible or ornamental purposes, grow to a height over twelve inches (12”). Prosecution will result for violation of this ordinance (Ordinance #90-07)

Sewer Invoices
Those properties served by sanitary sewer should receive an invoice on or about the 1st of January/April/July/October. These invoices must be paid within 30 days. It is the PROPERTY OWNERS’ RESPONSIBILITY to notify the Township Office of name/address changes.

Landlord Responsibility
Ordinance #87-13, requires all owners of residential, commercial, and industrial properties to notify the Township Office of the names of tenants who move into or out of rental units within ten (10) days of each move. Forms available at Township Office.

Pet owners are responsible for controlling their pets on their property. Stray dogs or those without proper tags will be picked up by the Dog Enforcement Officer. Excessive barking/animal nuisance prosecution can result only when the individual files a formal complaint with the District Justice. Call 911 to contact animal enforcment officer.

Defined Home Occupations require prior approval from the township's Zoning Hearing Board. If you have any questions regarding zoning, contact the Zoning Officer at the township office.