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Zoning Hearing Board (appointed - 3 year term):

Term Expires:
Craig Wisherd, Chairman 12/31/2022
Thomas Morley, Secretary 12/31/2021
Kristen Beecher 12/31/2023
Clint E. Roberts (alternate) 12/31/2021

The zoning hearing board consists of three (3) regular members and two (2) alternates appointed by the board of supervisors. The zoning hearing board is empowered to rule on various issues regarding the provisions of the township's zoning ordinance. The decisions of this quasi-judicial body are binding and can only be challenged in the court system. Prior to making a decision the zoning hearing board holds a hearing to gather the facts not only from the applicant but from any party that may have an interest in the application. These hearings are advertised in the legal section of the newspaper. The property that is the subject of the hearing is also posted with a notice in accordance with state law. The adjoining property owners to a property that is the subject of a hearing before the zoning hearing board are notified of the hearing and will be given the opportunity to voice their opinions. However, if the application meets the required criteria the zoning hearing board may have no choice but to grant the applicants request despite any objections.

The zoning hearing board generally acts on the following types of requests:

Appeals from the decision of the Zoning Officer
Anyone who does not agree with a determination of the township's zoning officer may request that the zoning hearing board decide whether the zoning officer's decision followed the literal interpretation of the provisions of the township zoning ordinance.

Special Exceptions
Certain uses defined in the zoning ordinance require that an applicant prove that the criteria defined by the zoning ordinance be met or can be met before the use can be established. These uses are permitted if the criteria is complied with by the applicant. The zoning hearing board's duty in the instance of Special Exception requests is to assure that the criteria have or can be met by the use. If the criteria are met then the zoning hearing board must grant the use.

Anyone who feels that a provision of the township's zoning ordinance should not apply to their particular property and that if the provision were to be applied to the property would cause a HARDSHIP such as rendering the property unusable for any use that the zoning ordinance permits either by right or special exceptions may apply for a variance. Variances must be related to a hardship that deals with the land. Generally variances are difficult to prove and if the testimony supporting the request does not meet the requirements for the granting of the variance the zoning hearing board will deny the request.

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