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Planning Commission (appointed - 4 year term):

Term Expires:
Nicholas Hauck, Chairman 12/31/2021
Ken Stoutzenberger,
Holly Gumke 12/31/2024
Michael Fahs 12/31/2023
Richard W. Halpin 12/31/2024

A five (5) person body appointed by the board of supervisors whose primary function is to review and make recommendations to the board of supervisors on the numerous plans submitted to the township for conformance with the ordinances of the Township. The members of the planning commission are volunteer, residents of the township who receive no remuneration for their time.

The two (2) types of plans generally reviewed are:

The dividing up of parcels of land into smaller parcels is called subdivision. These divisions may include lots for residential, commercial or industrial uses depending on what zone of the township the land is located. The subdivisions may also include the layout of new streets, new sewer lines and storm water management control facilities.

Land Developments
For any new structure, except single family detached dwelling and very minor improvements a formal plan is reviewed by the Township to determine if the proposed development meets the requirements of the Township as defined in various ordinances and design standards. Land development plans range from multi-family dwellings to convenience store to churches to manufacturing facilities. The development must conform to the regulations of the township including sanitary sewer disposal, storm water runoff control and traffic improvements serving the site.

The township regulates what it is permitted to regulate and if a plan meets those regulations the planning commission must recommend that the plan be approved.

In addition to the plan reviews the planning commission also may make recommendations to the board of supervisors regarding requests for zoning changes, amendments to the zoning or subdivision and land development ordinances, and updates to the township's Comprehensive Plan.

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