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Municipal Authority (Appointed 5 year term):

Term Expires:
Delmar Hauck, Chairperson 12/31/2021
Andrew Rawicz 12/31/2024
Greg Zortman 12/31/2025
Michael Zambito 12/31/2023
Albert Trona 12/31/2022

The municipal authority is a five (5) person body of volunteers appointed by the board of supervisors and are primarily in charge of handling the financing of public utilities (sewer and water) to unserved areas of Manchester Township. As such this body must assure that the sanitary sewer system not only handles the needs of the current residents but the needs of our future residents. The municipal authority develops specifications for the construction of all of the sanitary sewer lines in the township, for both developer built and authority built, to assure that the lines will serve the township for many years. The authority also finances projects to replace sewer lines that have deteriorated over many years of use. These projects have been financed through the issuance of various bonds. The authority must assure that the sewer rates are sufficient to make the payments on the bonds as well as for the costs in maintaining the sewer lines and pay for the cost of treatment at the various sewage treatment plants.